Amazon Kindle Unlimited Enters India

Amazon Kindle Unlimited was not available for Indians a few months ago. But now, it was entered into the market of India.

When I knew about the Kindle Unlimited some months ago, I was saddened to know that Indians are unable to subscribe Kindle Unlimited. But now, that feeling of sadness is over.

Yes. Amazon now allows Indians to subscribe for taking advantage of Kindle Unlimited. At first 2 months, it offered to subscribe one-month subscription at the cost Rs. 99/-. Now it was changed to Rs. 199/-. And there are concessions if you subscribe for more months at a time.

You can visit and subscribe using this link:

Of course, Amazon has a separate version for India via

Is Having a Gmail Must to Create a Blog on Google Blogger?

I heard and saw many people thinking that everybody should have a GMail to create a blog site on Google Blogger. But it is only an opinion, not the fact!

Yes. You need not an email account on GMail for creating a Google Blogger blog. You can create a blog on Blogger with any of your current email address.

Okay then how to create a Blogger blog without GMail?

Here is how:
Step 1: Go to the following address:

Step 2: Enter the details one by one and enter your present email address in the column of "Your current email address".

Step 3: Next open the

Now, you have the Blogger account without GMail.

What Is Kindle Unlimited?

Amazon released its first Kindle device in 2008 and later it created a new service called Kindle Unlimited.

Not all the people, who knew about what is a Kindle Book and Kindle Fire, know about what is Kindle Unlimited!

What is Kindle Unlimited?
This is a subscription service. People who subscribed to this service are eligible to read the books which are under Kindle Unlimited option for free.

In simple words, if writers and publishers allow their books to read for free under the Kindle Unlimited service, the subscribers are able to rad them for free without paying the eBook cost!

Why writers and publishers would like to add Kindle Unlimited option?
Amazon pays them depends on how much of their books were read by its Kindle Unlimited subscribers. So writers would like to register their books under Kindle Unlimited. People would read those book if they don't buy them if they are Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Are you a Kindle Unlimited subscriber?

What Is a Kindle Book and Kindle Fire?

In back days, people knew only one meaning for the word book. But now, it has many forms. Of course, the meaning and the purpose would be the same. And even the value of the book is always higher than other forms.

These forms has the formats in the world of eBook. eBook means an electronic book which is available in digital form as a soft copy, not a hard copy.

eBooks has many formats like PDF, epub, mobi, azw etc.

The format .azw is the format of Kindle books. Kindle books are found by the shopping legend Amazon. Amazon released its Kindle device in 2008. Since then, the format's been become popular as well as the PDF eBook.

=> Amazon Kindle Fire is a device that was built in light weight with better display size to read the Kindle books. These devices can download the Kindle books through network just as iPad, MP3 Players etc.

=> Kindle Book is an eBook in the format of .azw.

What Is Blogging and What Is the Difference Between a Blog and Website?

Many people who new to internet ask the difference between a website and blog. Is there really a difference?

Before going to the difference between a blog and website, it is important to know what is blogging?

The word Blog is come from the combination of the two words Web and Log. A blog is also a website. But at the blogging, people can use it seriously or not.

Many bloggers do blogging not seriously. And the bloggers who it seriously write the posts in formal.

Some people think bloggers have the freedom to write 1st person. Maybe, but a website can also be written in 1st person in some cases.

In simple words, you can make your blog formally or for fun. No matter, you can write anything about education, jobs, news, or anything you are interested in.

Many services like Google Blogger, WordPress etc. offer blogging for free. And you have to pay for custom domains and other premium features.

What Is Internet?

In this 21st century, everybody knows about internet, but people should also have a basic knowledge about the roots of internet.

I'm not sure when would I hear about the word internet. On recollection of my brain-disk, it would be either in 1999 or 2000! Of course, I'm not late.But do you know when was the internet found.

Yes. Internet was founded at the early 80's. Then it was mostly used by academia and military industrial complex. Of course, even the computers were not developed that much so how could the people use the internet all those times.

What's the mean of internet:

The internet is defined as it is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to link the billions of devices all over the world.

In the West, it was started using internet at the early 90's. And in developing countries, it was started at the end of 90's.

When come to the stats and the popularity, internet was not close to the people until 21st century. For example, internet was started raising since 2004 and reached a great population in 2006 and being grown.

By the way, when did you hear about it? And when did you start browsing internet?

What Is Micro-Blogging?

The name tells itself what is micro-blogging.

You would hear about blog and blogging. But what's the difference between blogging and micro-blogging? Of course, the word "micro" defines itself what's the difference.

 Many dictionaries added the word to their dictionaries. They define the word as follows:
the activity or practice of making short, frequent posts to a micro-blog.
In simple explanation, micro-blogging is also blogging, but in short form. A micro-blog means a blog which has short posts.

If you want an example, I would like to ask you that is there any better example for a micro-blog than Twitter. Yes, Twitter allows only 140 letters for a post and this posts is called as a tweet in Twitter language.

Here are some questions with answers to help your micro-blogging:

Q: Does a micro-blog help our business?
A: Yes, for sure. You can create a profile on a micro-blog and can share offers and news of your business on the micro-blog. It means, you can use links if you feel 140 letters (in case of Twitter) is difficult to express clear about your business offers or news.

Q: Does using shortcuts in a micro-blog fine?
A: Yes. It depends on you. You can write short codes and shortcuts to chat or talks. Usually even business sites use them, but I suggest you to not use short codes that make confuse. In friendly purpose, it would be fine, but not in business. Goes Shutting Down

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