What Is Blogging and What Is the Difference Between a Blog and Website?

Many people who new to internet ask the difference between a website and blog. Is there really a difference?

Before going to the difference between a blog and website, it is important to know what is blogging?

The word Blog is come from the combination of the two words Web and Log. A blog is also a website. But at the blogging, people can use it seriously or not.

Many bloggers do blogging not seriously. And the bloggers who it seriously write the posts in formal.

Some people think bloggers have the freedom to write 1st person. Maybe, but a website can also be written in 1st person in some cases.

In simple words, you can make your blog formally or for fun. No matter, you can write anything about education, jobs, news, or anything you are interested in.

Many services like Google Blogger, WordPress etc. offer blogging for free. And you have to pay for custom domains and other premium features.

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