What Is a Kindle Book and Kindle Fire?

In back days, people knew only one meaning for the word book. But now, it has many forms. Of course, the meaning and the purpose would be the same. And even the value of the book is always higher than other forms.

These forms has the formats in the world of eBook. eBook means an electronic book which is available in digital form as a soft copy, not a hard copy.

eBooks has many formats like PDF, epub, mobi, azw etc.

The format .azw is the format of Kindle books. Kindle books are found by the shopping legend Amazon. Amazon released its Kindle device in 2008. Since then, the format's been become popular as well as the PDF eBook.

=> Amazon Kindle Fire is a device that was built in light weight with better display size to read the Kindle books. These devices can download the Kindle books through network just as iPad, MP3 Players etc.

=> Kindle Book is an eBook in the format of .azw.

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