What Is Kindle Unlimited?

Amazon released its first Kindle device in 2008 and later it created a new service called Kindle Unlimited.

Not all the people, who knew about what is a Kindle Book and Kindle Fire, know about what is Kindle Unlimited!

What is Kindle Unlimited?
This is a subscription service. People who subscribed to this service are eligible to read the books which are under Kindle Unlimited option for free.

In simple words, if writers and publishers allow their books to read for free under the Kindle Unlimited service, the subscribers are able to rad them for free without paying the eBook cost!

Why writers and publishers would like to add Kindle Unlimited option?
Amazon pays them depends on how much of their books were read by its Kindle Unlimited subscribers. So writers would like to register their books under Kindle Unlimited. People would read those book if they don't buy them if they are Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Are you a Kindle Unlimited subscriber?

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