What Is Micro-Blogging?

The name tells itself what is micro-blogging.

You would hear about blog and blogging. But what's the difference between blogging and micro-blogging? Of course, the word "micro" defines itself what's the difference.

 Many dictionaries added the word to their dictionaries. They define the word as follows:
the activity or practice of making short, frequent posts to a micro-blog.
In simple explanation, micro-blogging is also blogging, but in short form. A micro-blog means a blog which has short posts.

If you want an example, I would like to ask you that is there any better example for a micro-blog than Twitter. Yes, Twitter allows only 140 letters for a post and this posts is called as a tweet in Twitter language.

Here are some questions with answers to help your micro-blogging:

Q: Does a micro-blog help our business?
A: Yes, for sure. You can create a profile on a micro-blog and can share offers and news of your business on the micro-blog. It means, you can use links if you feel 140 letters (in case of Twitter) is difficult to express clear about your business offers or news.

Q: Does using shortcuts in a micro-blog fine?
A: Yes. It depends on you. You can write short codes and shortcuts to chat or talks. Usually even business sites use them, but I suggest you to not use short codes that make confuse. In friendly purpose, it would be fine, but not in business.

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