What Is the Characters Count Limit for Writing SEO Friendly Post Titles?

Of course, I didn't write a long title for this particular post. But this question makes a deep and real thought in your mind if you have a website or blog and writing your post titles long.

Do it really help or harm your site?

I have received a SEO report for this site, Literary Psyche, by a friend. He has a SEO calculate software and generated the report for my site.

According to the report, this site has a few errors. The errors are with post tiles longevity.

Why did the report call them an error?

It is because some of post titles have more than 55 characters. The report suggested to not write more than 55 characters for a post title. The report also hinted that even if longer titles appear in search engines, they cannot show entire titles and visitors would not like to open and read them. So commit to write post titles under 55 characters.

Is it must to follow?

I cannot say must. But try when it is possible and write more than 55 characters only when you have to cross the line as there are some popular posts with more than 55 characters.

What Is Hotstar?

Hotstar is not a star but it's a streaming site and it has a mobile app for android and apple devices.

Yes. Hotstar can be treated an a free mobile TV app for android or apple devices, and free TV streaming site for Windows or Mac.

This digital and mobile entertainment platform is owned by Novi Digital Entertainment Private Limited, a subsidiary of Star India.

The beta version of "hotstar.com" was released in January 2015. Later, Star India officially released it in February 2015. This site is presently casting TV shows in 8 languages Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali.

Star India currently shows 17 channels (inclusing Star Plus, Star World, Asianet, Star Vijay, Maa TV, National Geographic Channel, Star Jalsa, Life OK, Star Utsav, Star Pravah, Hotstar originals, Suvarna, Baby TV, Star Sports, Fox Life, Channel V, Asianet Plus) through this service of media streaming on web and mobile platforms.

Users can watch the shows at any time browsing the site of Hotstar or on mobile app on any android or apple device. Users can download this free mobile TV app for android or apple and watch by enabling internet. 

Why Amazon Stopped Selling Chromecast from Its Store?

You know what is a Chromecast, but many people don't know that it was selling in Amazon's store in the past. They think Chromecast is not available on Amazon. But no, Amazon stopped selling it for a reason.

What's the reason?

The reason would be reasonable for why Amazon stopped selling Chromecast. Of course, users would not be happy for that for any reason.

Before going to know about the reason, it is essential to know about Amazon's Prime Instant. Prime Instant is a streaming service from Amazon.

Meanwhile, Chromecast doesn't support all streaming services. Though it supports many top streaming services Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, HBO etc., it doesn't support Amazon's Prime Instant.

For that reason, Amazon stopped selling Chromecast from its store. Actually, Amazon not only stopped selling Google's Chromecast, but all the streaming devices that don't support Prime Instant streaming service.

Users know and hope that Chromecast will support Prime Instant in coming days and Amazon will also add Chromecast to its store.

What Is Chromecast?

Chromecast is a media streaming device that plugs into TV's HDMI port.
By connecting this to HDMI port of TVs, users can cast the shows and programs from their smart phones, desktops, laptops, iPhones, iPads, tablets, Macs (or Windows), Chromebooks  to TV screens.

Google developed this streaming dongle and it was released first time in July 2013. When it was released, it reached one of the most selling electronics of the Amazon chart. Later Amazon stopped selling this streaming device in their shop, but it is available to buy directly from Google. And some other shops Wallmart, Staple etc. sell this streaming device.

In clear words, if you have a TV app on your android phone and watch shows, you can cast them on your TV using Chromecast.

Which Is Better for an Individual: Facebook Profile or Page?

Facebook profile and page are defined previously. But how to choose one from them if you are an individual and not a business organization?
If you or your friends have been using Facebook since its early years [Facebook was founded in 2004], you would know well about Facebook profiles had no "follow" button on the profiles. At the time, it was more beneficial for a celebrity individuals to choose a Facebook page. But it was over and things changed to think different in case of choosing a profile or page.

Facebook added "follow" button on its profiles. Since then, celebrity individuals happily go with any one of them.

Advantages of Facebook Profiles:

  • By profile, people can create or join Facebook groups. Facebook pages have no door to join Facebook groups. 
  • You can limit the visitors' rights to comment on your posts. Facebook pages cannot do this though they can ban the visitors who spam and irritate.
  • Can limit the visibility of certain posts if they want. Facebook pages can do this as per regions but cannot hide from entire groups or people.
Advantages of Facebook Pages:
  • Multiple people can maintain a Facebook page. But a Facebook profile cannot be used more than one.
  • Pages can be maintained without giving identity of the individuals.
  • Pages can be created with just a one word as title, but profile must have to give first and last names.
# Both can be linked to websites or blogs to connect with visitors or subscribers.
# Both can be connected with apps to share automatic updates from websites or from other purposes.

If you know anymore advantages of either the profiles or pages of Facebook, let us know. Literary Psyche will add your insights.

What Is Facebook Page?

About Facebook profile was written. But what about Facebook page; is it also same as the profile?

No. It is not a profile and it is different from it. Facebook profile is a personal profile and it is created and run by an individual. But a Facebook page is called a business page.

Facebook page means a page is created and run for a business or person. Users who maintain the page need not to show the identity and the pages can be run by a celebrity by himself/herself, business employee or marketer.

Name of a Facebook page can be one word, not like profile: a profile needs a person's first and last names to create a profile.

Usually Facebook pages are created by celebrities, organizations, and businesses.

WhatsApp Becomes Free for Users: But What About Its Business?

Facebook's app WhatsApp is now a completely free app. Jan Koum, the founder of WhatsApp, announced on Monday that the company is going to drop its annual fee to use the app.
All the users of WhatApp get 1 year subscription for free and later they have to pay 99 cents ($0.99) annually. But now, users no longer need to pay those cents from their pockets to extend their WhatsApp usage.

Does WhatsApp display third-party ads from now?
No. According to the latest blog post of WhatsApp, they have no plans to shows ads on its platform in future as well.

No annual fee, no ads. Then how does the app gets profit?
WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. And according to the observation, they would implement communication opportunities for businesses and organizations. It means, users can communicate with the banks and organizations for various purposes and help. This new strategy would make the WhatsApp business healthy and wealthy. It means WhatsApp and the companies tie-up for the communication opportunities. But users will not be disturbed with third-party ads or spam.

What Is Facebook Profile and How to Create It with or without an Email!?

Facebook profile can be defined as the personal profile of a user of the Facebook. It is not a business profile so it has the name of the person, not the company.
It is free and easy to create a profile. 

Steps to create a Facebook profile:
  • Go to Facebook.com
  • Its home page opens with the columns to fill up for creating a profile.
  • Users who want to create a profile have to fill up the columns with their details.
What details users should give to create an account?
Users should give the following details: 
First name, Surname, Email or Mobile, Date of Birthday, Gender.

Is it must to have an email?
No. Users can create an account with their mobile numbers if they want to create a profile without giving their email details.

Is mobile must to add to the profile?
No. It is users' preference. Adding a mobile number increases the security and it helps out to recover if users forgot their password.

Netflix Enters India and 129 Other Countries

When Amazon launched its Kindle Unlimited in India, I thought about the entry of Netflix in India. Actually I found the news while browsing Amazon site and later checked the newsletter of the Amazon in my GMail inbox. I was touched by the Kindle Unlimited though Kindle Unlimited could only make you to read the books that were in its catalog.

On a fine morning, I searched for a technology device and immediately connected to the news: Netflix in India. Feeling wonder! I told you that I thought about it last year.

You would know that Netflix is the world's largest streaming site. You can access it on your laptop, desktop, smartphone, SmartTV, PlayStation, AppleTV...

If you want to know its roots and info, read the article: What is Netflix

Currently, Netflix offering first month free and charges Rs. 500/-, Rs. 650/-, Rs. 800/- as per the plan after the free time is over.

4 Ways to Find Your Android Device ID

It is good, if you know the importance of the IDs of your mobile phones. Actually, IDs are needed not only for saving the devices, but also for using some some apps and extensions. 
Don't worry. It is not difficult to find the ID of your mobile phone.

Here are the ways to find out the Android Device ID:

Method 1:
Dial the following code on your mobile: #*#*8255#*#*. Then your device ID will be shown on GTalk Service Monitor. 

Method 2:
Go to "Settings". And click on "About Phone" and see the "Status". IMEI/IMSI/MEID will be shown at the status.

Method 3:
An app called "Device ID" is available in PlayStore. It will show your device details.

Method 4:
ID will also be found on battery or at a place of the back of your device.

If you know any other method to find out the android device ID, write to Literary Psyche by mailing or commenting. Literary Psyche is happy to appreciate your knowledge. 

How to Download YouTube Videos Using ClipGrab?

ClipGrab is a free program to download videos from YouTube [not only YouTube, but also many other sites like Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc.] on your PC.

The complete procedure to download the videos with ClipGrab:

  • First, download and install the ClipGrab program. [It is free and you need not to pay to download the software].
  • Now, open the YouTube video on your browser and copy the URL of the video.
  • Next, open the ClipGrab program from your desktop and paste the video URL into input of the ClipGrab Downloads section.
  • ClipGrab will set the download links in various formats and resolutions.
  • Choose a format and resolution to download. And click on "Grab this clip".
Literary Psyche's Review:
Though there are many freeware to download YouTube videos, only some of them are working great and in a easy way. ClipGrab is one of those software which download the videos from online. Another positive point about this program: users can download videos not only from YouTube, but also from other video sites like Vimeo, DailyMotion and more.

How to Make Custom-Header for Blogger Blogs?

You are using Blogger to write blog or article posts, and you don't like the default header; it has limitations. You tried to using an image in place of header title and description. But still, you feel not good about your blog header. Then what should you do?

Yes, you can do a beautiful header for your Blogger blog/site.

Literary Psyche provides you step-by-step guide for this, just follow as follows:

  • First step, you have to do is remove the default "Header" widget.
    [If you don't know know how to do it, click here and read how to delete the header of your blog/site]
  • After removing the default header, go to the dashboard of your blogger blog/site.
  • Click on "Template".
  • Find the following line:
    <b:section class='header' id='header' maxwidgets='1' showaddelement='no'>
  • Change the values for "maxwidgets" and "showaddelement".
    They are the follwoing:
    Remove "1" from value of "maxwidgets". You can leave as it is blank, or set a higher number: I choose 10.
    Change the value of "showaddelement" from "no" to "yes".
  • After the changes, it will look as follows:
     <b:section class='header' id='header' maxwidgets='10' showaddelement='yes'>
  • Click on "Save template" after the changes.
  • Now, go to "Layout" of the dashboard. Now you can see the options to add widgets at the Header section.
  • Click on "Add a Gadget" (You could not see this if you didn't follow the above process).
  • Then, a pop-up window will appear with many gadgets to add. Choose "HTML/JavaScript".
  • You can add HTML code to display the image or logo for the header.
    * First, copy the url of image or logo. For example, it is "http://literarypsyche.org/header-image-logo.jpg".
    * Make sure it doesn't cross the length of the blogger header.
    * Copy and paste the following code:
    <center><img src="URL of the Image or Logo"></center>
  • Of course, you can make the header much more better with code using in "HTML/JavaScript" widget.

How to Display an Image or Logo in Place of Header Text and Description?

In Google Blogger blogs, you have limitations to customize the header even if you don't like the default header. Of course, it is possible to win over the limitations by implementing some knowledge of code in template. But we can make the header better by uploading an image in place of default header text.

Here is the process to display an image instead of the text in header place:

  • Go to dashboard of your blogger blog.
  • Click on "Layout".
  • Click on "Edit" of the "Header" [it appears as "Your Blog Title" (Header)] widget.
  • Then a pop-up window will open and you can see the option "Image" to upload the image.
  • You can upload from your desktop/laptop/or any device. Or you can use the url of an image that is on online.
  • Placement: It is important step that you should not forget. I suggest you to choose, "Instead of title and description".
  • Click "Save". 
Now, you have the image in place of title and description. 

End tip:
  • Make sure the image has the title with a logo or not. Main purpose of the image is making header better to look.

How to Remove Default Header of the Blogger Blog?

If you are using Google Blogger to write and publish your blog posts, you would dislike the default header of your blog. Though you can make them better by uploading an image in place of text, it is much better to remove the default header to make better header with freedom and to maintain the blog without a header!

Some of you already tried to remove it, but you would not find the remove button to delete the header. No problem, it is not impossible to remove that.

Here is the process for removing default header:

  • Go to Blogger.com, and login into your account.
  • Open the dashboard of your blog which you wanted to remove the default header.
  • Click on "Template" (usually it appears at the bottom of left side of the dashboard). 
  • Click on "Edit HTML".
  • Search for the following line:
    <b:widget id='Header1' locked='true' title='YOUR BLOG TITLE (Header)' type='Header'>
    * You should keep in mind that your blog title will appear in place of YOUR BLOG TITLE above.
    Or, search for just the first part of that line: <b:widget id='Header1' locked='true' title='
  • After finding that line, you have to change the value of "locked". Change this from "true" to "false".
    After changing that, it will appear as the following:
    <b:widget id='Header1' locked='false' title='YOUR BLOG TITLE (Header)' type='Header'>
  • Now, click on "Layout" of the dashboard.
  • Click on "Edit" option of the Header [it appears as YOUR BLOG TITLE (Header)]widget.
  • A pop-up will appear, and you can find the option "Remove" at the bottom right to delete the default header. 
  • That's it. Now your blogspot blog has no header.

Is TubeMate an Illegal and Harmful Android App?

When the app TubeMate was removed from the Google Play Store, the news spread all over the internet world that using this app harmful and illegal! But is it true?

Absolutely, not! I can say that it is not harmful for your mobile phone; not an illegal app as well.

Then, why it was removed from the Play Store?
Good question, but the answer is also interesting. Actually it was tricky for why it was thrown from the Play Store.

Here is the reason:
Yet, this app doesn't harm your phone or privacy, it does something against the terms and conditions of the Google and YouTube. What's issue is it allows users to download the videos from YouTube. Downloading videos from YouTube is against its terms and conditions, but not illegal because all of the videos which are available to download with the apps are free to watch and there is no law against it till so far. But remember the point, downloading the videos from YouTube is against the terms. So it has the right to remove it from the Play Store.

As you learned what's real reason behind the closed doors, TubeMate is not an unsafe android app, and also not an illegal app. But only against the terms of Google and YouTube. So, don't believe at the rumors. 

Is TubeMate the Best Android App for Downloading Videos?

Way back when I was using an older phone, I had no option to download videos directly to my phone memory while watching online videos on stream. But when I switched to Android based mobile phone, it is not impossible to download YouTube videos to my phone memory when watching them on mobile.
Yes. I can download YouTube videos without switching to my desktop or laptop, because I know about the apps that download the YouTube videos. But which is the best for downloading online videos? I would not suggest just one, I will write about other apps as well. But now, it is TubeMate.

Here is the review for TubeMate app:
  • It is easier to download videos from YouTube in various resolutions when compared to downloading videos with many other apps.
  • Just type keywords and find the correct video to watch by searching. And when it is opened and streaming, click on the Download icon and then it shows various download links to download the video in various resolutions. Choose a resolution to download and click. Then the downloading will be started immediately.
  • You can set the "Download Limit", "Auto Resume", "Maximum Simultaneous Downloads", "Fast Download Mode", etc. And you can set the folder to save the downloaded videos in "Preferences".
  • TubeMate is not only for downloading videos from YouTube, but also for downloading videos from the following site: DailyMotion, YouKu, Vimeo, Facebook, MetaCafe, Google, Never, Daum, LeTV.
What do you say: 
Do you already have this app on your mobile phone? Are you using this to download videos from the sites mentioned above? How is it in your opinion?

What Is Netflix?

Netflix, Inc., is an online site that offers tons of TV shows and movies for its subscribers. Subscribers pay for their subscription and they watch the shows and movies. In simple words, Netflix is a video rental and distribution company.

It was founded in 1997 by American entrepreneurs Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Los Gatos, California. And it began to offer online subscription service through internet in 1999. At that time, subscribers chose TV shows and movies from its tens of thousands of catalog. And the shows and movies were mailed to them in form of DVDs.

In 2007, the site added another option to watch them at homes though streaming service of the shows and movies along with mailing DVDs. But in 2010, it introduced streaming-only plans to the subscribers with no DVDs. At the same year, it expanded to many countries. In 2016, it also entered in Asian countries.

Many people who subscribed to Netflix used to say they were stopped buying DVDs or paying money for shows since they subscribed to Netflix.

What Is Facebook?

Facebook is an American company. It offers social networking services. It was found in 2004 by  Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes. All of the founders were students at Harvard University. The headquarters of the company are in Menlo Park, California.

Most of the company's earnings from its advertisements on the site. Facebook files to become a public company in February 2012. In May, its initial public offering raised to $16 billion, and giving it a market value of $102.4 billion.

In Facebook, users can create profiles to connect and share posts, comments, photos with friends and family. And they can create pages for business purpose. You can set privacy for your profile. Currently, it is the most popular social networking site in the world.

What Is an Add-On, Plug-In, or Extension?

In the internet world, it is often to hear about an add-on, plug-in, or extension in daily browsing life. But what they do?

First, it is important to know the difference among them.

Is there really a difference? Maybe they were defined with a difference at first, but all of them are used for the same purpose these days.

Though there are a few differences in the definitions, all of them related to changing something with the program. This program would be a software, a browser, or a game.

In detail, a browser extension or plug-in helps to do something on the browser. Or a software plug-in do something more to do. For example, if I installed a Pinterest add-on, it will be on my browser and helps me to share any web page link to my Pinterest profile with a few clicks using the add-on button. And some plug-ins of a software will do something to improve the video, audio, or other program.

Many add-ons and plug-ins are available for free while other premium add-ons and plug-ins works with a fee.

Why Automatic Sharing on Social Networking Sites Is Not Advisable?

In the market of internet marketing and web designing, a lot of plugins (or add-ons) for posting web links on social networking sites automatically.
It is easy to find out add-ons for almost every social networking site: It would be an automatic add-on for posting on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other site. Even some sites like YouTube, Blogger... offer to share links on social networking sites. Even the social networking sites offer to post the links automatically on other social networking sites. For example, people can automate their Facebook posts to be sharing on Twitter without going to Twitter.

It would be save time to go every social networking site and update the posts or to post links of newly written posts on a website or blog. But it is not advisable.

Here are the reasons for why it is not advisable:
  • People would like your updates at first but they will start taking serious the automatically posted updates on social networking sites. The reason is simple: they treat the webmaster or the person behind the business is lazy to come to the platform and would not serious for making the business.
  • Followers of the social networking sites or pages would not like to comment or ask questions on the posts that were published automatically. And they are smart to know that they would not get response because the updates are automatic.
  • Even the people who is on the social networking sites for years are smart about it and they would even don't like to Like/Follow the pages that are completely use automatic formula.
Then what is advisable:
  • Simple, after publishing a post on the website or blog, come to the social networking sites and post the links manually on its related pages or profiles.
  • It would take some time but it helps the business and the followers will love to engage and follow forever.

Is Google Blogger Developed by Google?

Maybe this post's title sounds awkward to the ears. But it has a meaning that the answer tells about the origin of the Google Blogger!

At first, it wasn't Google Blogger, it was the service of Pyra Labs. Yes, Pyra Labs developed and launched Blogger on  23 August 1999. Its format was very easy to write blog posts even for basic netizens.

In 2003, Pyra Labs' Blogger was acquired by Google. And Google started improving the service of Blogger. It enabled premium features for free, implemented photo uploading service to its blog posts etc.

Blogger is still easy for creating blogs and blogging. Every blog site that was created at the Blogger site comes with the sub-domain "blogspot" in its address. For example, if the blog's name is "Literary Psyche", the url of this blog is "literarypsyche.blogspot.com". And it can be connected to custom domain if the blog owner buys a domain. A custom domain means only a domain extension after its blog/site's name, i.e. "literarypsyche.org".

What Is IP Address and How to Find It?

Many people don't know the difference among the public IP, Private IP, and Router IP address. Even many of them asked themselves, "what is my IP address" or "where is my IP address". Here are the answers for those questions along with differences of various IP addresses.

What Is Public IP: 
This is the IP address of your computer or network that is visible to the internet. If you need to direct incoming connections to your computer from the internet, you'll need your public IP address. Common uses for public IP addresses include setting up a game server, a proxy server, or an FTP server.

What Is Private IP:
This is the IP address of a device on your network. Every device that is connected to your network will have its own IP address. This allows the router to transmit the proper information to the correct device. Your private IP address is not visible from the internet.

What Is Router IP/Default Gateway:
This is the IP address of your network router. This address will allow you to access your router's configuration page. The router's IP address is the base of all of your network devices' private IP addresses.

==> How to Find the Public IP Address:
It is very easy to find the public IP address using google.

—> Go to Google.
—> Enter "My IP".
—> And your public address will be shown.

==> How to Find Router's IP Address/ Default Gateway on Mac:
—> Click on the 'Apple' menu.
—> Select "System Preferences".
—> Click on the "Network" option.
—> Select your network adapter. The connected adapter will have a green indicator.
—> Find the "Router" entry.
   This IP address is the router's IP address.

==> How to Find Router's IP Address/Default Gateway on Windows:
—> Click on 'Windows' button.
-> Search for "cmd", and click on it. It launches Command Prompt.
—> Type "ipconfig" (without quotes) and click Enter.
—> Find the Default Gateway entry for the active adapter. Search for the network adapter you are using currently by checking the title. The default gateway entry will desplay the router's IP address.
   * If the adapter is not connected, it will display Media disconnected.

==> How to Find the Private IP Address on Windows:
—> Click on the "Start" button.
—> Search for "cmd" and click.
—> Type "ipconfig" and press Enter.
—> Find the active network adapter.
—> Look at the IPv4 address; it shows the private IP adress.

==> How to Find the Private IP Address on Mac:
—> Click on the "Apple" menu and select "Syetm Preferences":
   It will open the System Preferences menu.
—> Click on the "Network" option. Then, a window will appear with network adapters listed on the list.
—> Choose the active adapter. Generally, the active adapter will be selected automatically. But if you have multiple adapters, choose the one you want to know the IP address. If there are no networks, the indicator will be red.
—> Your Mac's private IP adress will be listed in the the "IP Address" entry.
* On the older versions of the OS X, you will need to click on the "TCP/IP" tab at the od the window to see the "IP Address" entry.

==> How to Find the Private IP Address on iPhone:
—> Open the Settings app.
—> Tap "Wi-Fi": It will display a list of wireless networks.
—> Tap the ? button next to the wireless network. It will open the details for the wireless network you are connected to.
—> Find the IP Address entry. It will display your iPhone's IP address usually at the top of the list.

==> How to Find Your Private IP Address on Android:
—> Click on the "Settings" app.
—> Tap "Wi-Fi" and choose "Advanced".
—> At the bottom of the Advanced menu, IP address will be shown.

Copy.com Goes Shutting Down

The cloud storage service Copy.com is going to shutting down on 1 May 2016. Copy.com is a service of the storage and security vendor Barracu...