4 Ways to Find Your Android Device ID

It is good, if you know the importance of the IDs of your mobile phones. Actually, IDs are needed not only for saving the devices, but also for using some some apps and extensions. 
Don't worry. It is not difficult to find the ID of your mobile phone.

Here are the ways to find out the Android Device ID:

Method 1:
Dial the following code on your mobile: #*#*8255#*#*. Then your device ID will be shown on GTalk Service Monitor. 

Method 2:
Go to "Settings". And click on "About Phone" and see the "Status". IMEI/IMSI/MEID will be shown at the status.

Method 3:
An app called "Device ID" is available in PlayStore. It will show your device details.

Method 4:
ID will also be found on battery or at a place of the back of your device.

If you know any other method to find out the android device ID, write to Literary Psyche by mailing or commenting. Literary Psyche is happy to appreciate your knowledge. 

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