How to Display an Image or Logo in Place of Header Text and Description?

In Google Blogger blogs, you have limitations to customize the header even if you don't like the default header. Of course, it is possible to win over the limitations by implementing some knowledge of code in template. But we can make the header better by uploading an image in place of default header text.

Here is the process to display an image instead of the text in header place:

  • Go to dashboard of your blogger blog.
  • Click on "Layout".
  • Click on "Edit" of the "Header" [it appears as "Your Blog Title" (Header)] widget.
  • Then a pop-up window will open and you can see the option "Image" to upload the image.
  • You can upload from your desktop/laptop/or any device. Or you can use the url of an image that is on online.
  • Placement: It is important step that you should not forget. I suggest you to choose, "Instead of title and description".
  • Click "Save". 
Now, you have the image in place of title and description. 

End tip:
  • Make sure the image has the title with a logo or not. Main purpose of the image is making header better to look.

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