Is Google Blogger Developed by Google?

Maybe this post's title sounds awkward to the ears. But it has a meaning that the answer tells about the origin of the Google Blogger!

At first, it wasn't Google Blogger, it was the service of Pyra Labs. Yes, Pyra Labs developed and launched Blogger on  23 August 1999. Its format was very easy to write blog posts even for basic netizens.

In 2003, Pyra Labs' Blogger was acquired by Google. And Google started improving the service of Blogger. It enabled premium features for free, implemented photo uploading service to its blog posts etc.

Blogger is still easy for creating blogs and blogging. Every blog site that was created at the Blogger site comes with the sub-domain "blogspot" in its address. For example, if the blog's name is "Literary Psyche", the url of this blog is "". And it can be connected to custom domain if the blog owner buys a domain. A custom domain means only a domain extension after its blog/site's name, i.e. "".

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