Is TubeMate the Best Android App for Downloading Videos?

Way back when I was using an older phone, I had no option to download videos directly to my phone memory while watching online videos on stream. But when I switched to Android based mobile phone, it is not impossible to download YouTube videos to my phone memory when watching them on mobile.
Yes. I can download YouTube videos without switching to my desktop or laptop, because I know about the apps that download the YouTube videos. But which is the best for downloading online videos? I would not suggest just one, I will write about other apps as well. But now, it is TubeMate.

Here is the review for TubeMate app:
  • It is easier to download videos from YouTube in various resolutions when compared to downloading videos with many other apps.
  • Just type keywords and find the correct video to watch by searching. And when it is opened and streaming, click on the Download icon and then it shows various download links to download the video in various resolutions. Choose a resolution to download and click. Then the downloading will be started immediately.
  • You can set the "Download Limit", "Auto Resume", "Maximum Simultaneous Downloads", "Fast Download Mode", etc. And you can set the folder to save the downloaded videos in "Preferences".
  • TubeMate is not only for downloading videos from YouTube, but also for downloading videos from the following site: DailyMotion, YouKu, Vimeo, Facebook, MetaCafe, Google, Never, Daum, LeTV.
What do you say: 
Do you already have this app on your mobile phone? Are you using this to download videos from the sites mentioned above? How is it in your opinion?

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