Is TubeMate an Illegal and Harmful Android App?

When the app TubeMate was removed from the Google Play Store, the news spread all over the internet world that using this app harmful and illegal! But is it true?

Absolutely, not! I can say that it is not harmful for your mobile phone; not an illegal app as well.

Then, why it was removed from the Play Store?
Good question, but the answer is also interesting. Actually it was tricky for why it was thrown from the Play Store.

Here is the reason:
Yet, this app doesn't harm your phone or privacy, it does something against the terms and conditions of the Google and YouTube. What's issue is it allows users to download the videos from YouTube. Downloading videos from YouTube is against its terms and conditions, but not illegal because all of the videos which are available to download with the apps are free to watch and there is no law against it till so far. But remember the point, downloading the videos from YouTube is against the terms. So it has the right to remove it from the Play Store.

As you learned what's real reason behind the closed doors, TubeMate is not an unsafe android app, and also not an illegal app. But only against the terms of Google and YouTube. So, don't believe at the rumors. 

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