Netflix Enters India and 129 Other Countries

When Amazon launched its Kindle Unlimited in India, I thought about the entry of Netflix in India. Actually I found the news while browsing Amazon site and later checked the newsletter of the Amazon in my GMail inbox. I was touched by the Kindle Unlimited though Kindle Unlimited could only make you to read the books that were in its catalog.

On a fine morning, I searched for a technology device and immediately connected to the news: Netflix in India. Feeling wonder! I told you that I thought about it last year.

You would know that Netflix is the world's largest streaming site. You can access it on your laptop, desktop, smartphone, SmartTV, PlayStation, AppleTV...

If you want to know its roots and info, read the article: What is Netflix

Currently, Netflix offering first month free and charges Rs. 500/-, Rs. 650/-, Rs. 800/- as per the plan after the free time is over.

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