What Is the Characters Count Limit for Writing SEO Friendly Post Titles?

Of course, I didn't write a long title for this particular post. But this question makes a deep and real thought in your mind if you have a website or blog and writing your post titles long.

Do it really help or harm your site?

I have received a SEO report for this site, Literary Psyche, by a friend. He has a SEO calculate software and generated the report for my site.

According to the report, this site has a few errors. The errors are with post tiles longevity.

Why did the report call them an error?

It is because some of post titles have more than 55 characters. The report suggested to not write more than 55 characters for a post title. The report also hinted that even if longer titles appear in search engines, they cannot show entire titles and visitors would not like to open and read them. So commit to write post titles under 55 characters.

Is it must to follow?

I cannot say must. But try when it is possible and write more than 55 characters only when you have to cross the line as there are some popular posts with more than 55 characters.

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