What Is Facebook Profile and How to Create It with or without an Email!?

Facebook profile can be defined as the personal profile of a user of the Facebook. It is not a business profile so it has the name of the person, not the company.
It is free and easy to create a profile. 

Steps to create a Facebook profile:
  • Go to Facebook.com
  • Its home page opens with the columns to fill up for creating a profile.
  • Users who want to create a profile have to fill up the columns with their details.
What details users should give to create an account?
Users should give the following details: 
First name, Surname, Email or Mobile, Date of Birthday, Gender.

Is it must to have an email?
No. Users can create an account with their mobile numbers if they want to create a profile without giving their email details.

Is mobile must to add to the profile?
No. It is users' preference. Adding a mobile number increases the security and it helps out to recover if users forgot their password.

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