WhatsApp Becomes Free for Users: But What About Its Business?

Facebook's app WhatsApp is now a completely free app. Jan Koum, the founder of WhatsApp, announced on Monday that the company is going to drop its annual fee to use the app.
All the users of WhatApp get 1 year subscription for free and later they have to pay 99 cents ($0.99) annually. But now, users no longer need to pay those cents from their pockets to extend their WhatsApp usage.

Does WhatsApp display third-party ads from now?
No. According to the latest blog post of WhatsApp, they have no plans to shows ads on its platform in future as well.

No annual fee, no ads. Then how does the app gets profit?
WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. And according to the observation, they would implement communication opportunities for businesses and organizations. It means, users can communicate with the banks and organizations for various purposes and help. This new strategy would make the WhatsApp business healthy and wealthy. It means WhatsApp and the companies tie-up for the communication opportunities. But users will not be disturbed with third-party ads or spam.

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