Which Is Better for an Individual: Facebook Profile or Page?

Facebook profile and page are defined previously. But how to choose one from them if you are an individual and not a business organization?
If you or your friends have been using Facebook since its early years [Facebook was founded in 2004], you would know well about Facebook profiles had no "follow" button on the profiles. At the time, it was more beneficial for a celebrity individuals to choose a Facebook page. But it was over and things changed to think different in case of choosing a profile or page.

Facebook added "follow" button on its profiles. Since then, celebrity individuals happily go with any one of them.

Advantages of Facebook Profiles:

  • By profile, people can create or join Facebook groups. Facebook pages have no door to join Facebook groups. 
  • You can limit the visitors' rights to comment on your posts. Facebook pages cannot do this though they can ban the visitors who spam and irritate.
  • Can limit the visibility of certain posts if they want. Facebook pages can do this as per regions but cannot hide from entire groups or people.
Advantages of Facebook Pages:
  • Multiple people can maintain a Facebook page. But a Facebook profile cannot be used more than one.
  • Pages can be maintained without giving identity of the individuals.
  • Pages can be created with just a one word as title, but profile must have to give first and last names.
# Both can be linked to websites or blogs to connect with visitors or subscribers.
# Both can be connected with apps to share automatic updates from websites or from other purposes.

If you know anymore advantages of either the profiles or pages of Facebook, let us know. Literary Psyche will add your insights.

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