Why Automatic Sharing on Social Networking Sites Is Not Advisable?

In the market of internet marketing and web designing, a lot of plugins (or add-ons) for posting web links on social networking sites automatically.
It is easy to find out add-ons for almost every social networking site: It would be an automatic add-on for posting on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other site. Even some sites like YouTube, Blogger... offer to share links on social networking sites. Even the social networking sites offer to post the links automatically on other social networking sites. For example, people can automate their Facebook posts to be sharing on Twitter without going to Twitter.

It would be save time to go every social networking site and update the posts or to post links of newly written posts on a website or blog. But it is not advisable.

Here are the reasons for why it is not advisable:
  • People would like your updates at first but they will start taking serious the automatically posted updates on social networking sites. The reason is simple: they treat the webmaster or the person behind the business is lazy to come to the platform and would not serious for making the business.
  • Followers of the social networking sites or pages would not like to comment or ask questions on the posts that were published automatically. And they are smart to know that they would not get response because the updates are automatic.
  • Even the people who is on the social networking sites for years are smart about it and they would even don't like to Like/Follow the pages that are completely use automatic formula.
Then what is advisable:
  • Simple, after publishing a post on the website or blog, come to the social networking sites and post the links manually on its related pages or profiles.
  • It would take some time but it helps the business and the followers will love to engage and follow forever.

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