Are Your Deleted Files Really Deleted?

Many of the users believe their files are deleted if they deleted them. But is it true?

When I learned how to use a computer by my cousin, I asked my father to buy a computer for us. My dad bought us a computer when I was studying BSc final. I started writing notes for my education. I felt the thrill to create and delete tons of files. Every time, I felt the deleted file was rally deleted permanently. But was it true?

No. After using my computer for years, I learned that deleted files didn't mean removed really! They were in a hidden space on the hard disk. Others who knew how to get them can quickly copy my files using software that restores removed data. What if I had security files (which may be a bank or other confidential document)?

So it is important to know how to delete the files permanently. I will write in next post about how to protect your data from thieves by removing permanently.

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